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Sri Chaitanya has been the right mentor and pioneer for IIT - JEE aspirants since 1986. The pioneers to this concept are Dr B.S. Rao and Dr. B. Jhansi Laxmi. The institution that started with career oriented integrated teaching at the Intermediate level grew in leaps and bounds with branches across 17 districts in the state of Andhra Pradesh and 7 states across the country.

The enterprise did not end there, the vision to prepare students for professional courses at the school level itself began to evolve over the years. The objective was to impart concept based analytical approach to teaching early in academics in order to ensure a professional career for the student - be it IIT, AFMC, CA, Civil Services, Management or Defence Services.

The year 2008 witnessed a futuristic phenomenon launched on the academic horizon that would shape the fashion of education and future careers of school children.- the inception of Sri Chaitanya Techno Schools duly recognized by the Board of Secondary Education, Government of Andhra Pradesh.

About Our Schools:
What is Techno School?
The right mentor for IIT - JEE, Olympiad and all competitive exams through concept based education through customised academic material that would form a perfect launch-pad to a child’s future career.

How it is done?
The spirit of Techno Schools is to make every child a competitive and a complete person by our integrated programs for

Pre primary
High school

Where they . . . . .
Master the subject
Understand and implementing the core essentials of life through
Morals - The ability to discriminate right and wrong
Values - The unique beliefs and feelings of an individual
Ethics - The principles of behavior
Problem Solving Techniques - The skill of resolving difficulties
Positive Attitude - The highest form of healthy personality.
The curriculum at Techno Schools is a synthesis of SSC, CBSE and ICSE syllabi at the High School level.

This familiarises the students with all the facets of Maths, Physics and Chemistry, which equips them to gain the much required edge over other competitors in the IIT-JEE , Olympiad or any competitive exams.

Students aspiring for careers other than IIT are groomed for a professional career in NIT in Engineering; AFMC, AIIMS etc. in Medicine at the national level and EAMCET at the state level. Other options for career directions are CA, Civil Services, Management or Defence Services.

The organization has set up campuses all across the state to benefit students and parents in their choice of location for study. Hyderabad alone has about 14 campuses with a mix of residential, semi residential and non residential campuses; AC and Non AC Campuses. Transport facility is provided for all the Day scholars.


Sri Chaitanya Techno Schools

 Sri Chaitanya Techno Schools(A.P)

Sri Chaitanya is a reputed institution in Andhra Pradesh,India.It has 32 branches in various localities in the state of Andhra Pradesh,India.It has branches in places like Hyderebad,Vishakapatnam,Vijayawada,Tirupathi,Rajahmundry, Tanuku,Kakinada,Mandapeta,Palakol,Bhimavaram,Kodada. It has more than one branches in convenient localities like Hyderabad,Vishakapatnam,Vijayawada,Tirupathi,Kodada. The organisation has 16 branches in Hyderabad.

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